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1/4 people have an overburdened liver!

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James, 45

Long workdays, going on 12-13 hours, stress, eating unhealthy food...

all this led to me becoming quite heavy.

Kate, 25

Even though I don't smoke or drink alcohol, I blamed my liver

for my skin problems, bloating, poor digestion, fatigue and headaches.

Nina, 38

During pregnancy, I gained about 40 pounds.

I thought everyone had these problems with weight after giving birth.

The liver

doesn’t hurt,

zamaščena jetra

but it does send

distress signals

As an overburdened liver doesn’t hurt and its symptoms are so common, you may easily fail to realise it’s what’s been dragging you down...


You can survive without a kidney, a gall bladder or even a stomach.

But nobody can live without their liver,
our largest internal organ.


your liver with ...

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  • Supports detoxification
  • Supports liver health
  • Promotes weight loss
  • Supports the digestion
  • Contributes to normal blood lipid levels

Double-powered detoxification

Hepafar Forte capsules supports detoxification while HEPAFAR Fibers

drink with water-soluble acacia fibres effectively eliminates these toxins from the body.

Hepafar forte


  • revolutionary formula with a patented form of milk thistle silybin with phospholipids
  • with 10 times stronger effects
  • 3 in 1 effect: supports detoxification and regeneration and protects the liver
Hepafar fibers


  • high in acacia fiber, chicory, rosemary and lemon juice concentrate
  • support detoxification and overall liver health
  • refreshing natural lemon flavour